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Moving On To The Cloud

Do you want a simple cure for the bookkeeping headache?

Changes in the way in which accounts are recorded and prepared are now available.

Everything being introduced will make it easier for you and reduce the amount of paper you have to process, record and store. Better yet, it can all be done from you iPhone or android.

Keeping abreast with HMRC policies is important and timely reporting is something that they are very keen on.

All your accounts can be recorded in a FREE cloud based accounting system on a monthly basis. . This is a lot simpler that it may sound. You should be registered for online banking, if not please do so. All the banks have a facility to export your statements as a CSV file. This file can be imported to your accounts system and we can work from there.

Invoicing can be done from your mobile on site and emailed direct to your customer who will have immediate access to it as well as to any previous invoices, statements and payments that have been made. There is even a facility to pay direct into your bank if you so wish.

Using a FREE app from CamSanner, you can capture all your receipts save them to the FREE version of Dropbox and they will go directly to your Receipt Hub in the FREE accounting package when you set up a unique app. Again I can deal with them from there. No more crumply bits of faded paper once stored you can forget the paper. Don’t worry if you are not a techie we found this quite easy to set up and would be glad to help if you need us to.


It doesn’t get much easier or less time consuming to keep on top of things and avoid the wrath of the taxman.

It has never been more important to keep your business records complete and up to date than it is now. Current HMRC policies and government legislation are putting more and more pressure on businesses as the clamp down on shoddy bookkeeping as well as inaccurate and late tax returns.

There are heavy penalties for not keeping your records up to date. HMRC are targeting various sectors. Read the following article to learn more. “Are you the next on the taxman’s hit list” by Kyle Caldwell

Local Tradespeople Volunteers Needed

The organisation Community Spirit Wirral is converting the vacant Kings Pubs on Liscard Road, Wallasey into a community Hub which will provide much needed services to local residents.

There will be mother and baby groups, a food bank, life skills classes, youth activities, recycled furniture and other community activities.

Community Spirit Wirral are asking for local tradespeople to help in making the property safe and functional. Electrician, plumbers and joiners in particular who have time to give a little back are asked to email Mandy at or ring 07952 105 319 or 07981 805 634